You know your kid is sick when…

by humanmama on January 31, 2013

Oh dear. What a week. It’s enough to drive other moms totally nuts. This sleeping for like 1-2 hours at a time for a week until someone else cries in the night, vomits, or coughs up a lung. My house is littered with tissues and humidifiers; it feels like South Florida after a rainstorm in here and sounds like the pulmonary oncology ward. Yes. What a week.

The kids would seem well, that was the tricky thing. Sunday afternoon: everyone’s playing! Happy joy! And then Monday morning during breakfast, “where’s your sister?”


Uh, oh, dear. My kids do not sleep unless it is night. Or they are very, very sick. So then we’d get to Tuesday afternoon, and yessss! Feeling better! But -cough, cough- and let’s do your toenails, girls, to stave off the horrible mind-numbing boredom that comes with six million hours of television watching! And then:


I am not kidding you, they do not sleep. Definitely not when you are painting their toenails. So day, by day, by painstaking day we got through this terrible illness and are (almost? I dare to venture) getting better.

Seriously. They don’t sleep.


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