year of the cicada

by humanmama on January 5, 2017

I haven’t written in forever.

I’d like to say I was taking a sabbatical, or that I was on a yearlong expedition. But in reality, I’ve just been that. In reality.

Four kids is a lot–as in, a lot more than three kids. And we once upon a time had four little kids, 8 down to newborn, but now we have four kids who can (mostly) walk on their own. And get into their fair share of trouble. And, it’s been 2016 recently, so I don’t know about you but for us and most of the people we know it was just a year full of surprises and setbacks. I don’t know why–maybe it’s like those certain cicadas that only come around once every 17 years. Here in Pittsburgh, in fact, my county is supposed to see most of those hatch this year, so maybe 2016 was like that too: a cicada year. A year with tons of swarming vile horribleness that will soon be at your feet, gasping it’s last dying breath. (No offense if you love that sort of cicada.)

My oldest said one day this year “No one in this family has ever broken a bone, have they?” And “no! No one has! What luck!” we replied. And literally the next day that kid broke her pinky finger jumping off the couch. The next month I broke my foot, and the month after that, the 7yo broke her finger too, falling off a swing at school. And then, in December, my oldest and the original poster of the “no brakes!” comment went to a trampoline park and broke her heel. I saw it on the x-ray to be sure, because I couldn’t believe it, but it’s true. Seriously broken. And we’ve been in the hospital more times than I can count this year, to the point that I’m beginning to think they eye me suspiciously when I get there, bringing yet another kid for yet another thing.

That’s just a bit of our story! So many of you have commented to me about your trying, or difficult, or downright awful year, last year, and I just feel the need to say that the universe works in sometimes scary and mysterious ways. Some days are good and some are bad, and some years turn out to just leave an overall taste of crap in your mouth. But you know what that means: we are due for something good to pop up here soon.

So take heart: cicadas only live so long. And right now you should be listening to the satisfying -crunch- of 2016 under your feet. And you know what that means? Good things are coming. Eventually.

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