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by humanmama on November 5, 2012

Oh, friends, it’s been a hard couple of weeks in the news. I ‘m not talking election politics at all. In fact, who can even care about elections when they hear some of the stories in the news this last few weeks? Hurricane Sandy, yes. And then there was the tragedy in New York with the nanny. And then last week in Chicago a mother broke down and killed her kids, too. And then this weekend in Pittsburgh, a child was killed in a zoo exhibit. You can learn more on the news, folks, but not from me. Google it if you must. It’s all I can do to even mention all these tragedies without crying.

When I hear about a child being killed, or hurt, the hurt I feel for that child and their families goes so deep, it’s like my soul ages. It’s like I can see, and feel, the pain of all those who have lost a child. I have written before about how hard it is to watch the news, but this week it was a nightmare.

What do I have to offer you today? I’m not sure. I guess I want to offer you hope. Hope and perseverance to get through this day’s newscasts without thinking “this world has gone to Hell.” Hope that things will get better. That people will be (mostly) more good than bad. Hope that every tragedy makes more vigilance to prevent a new tragedy.

Hope that you can make a difference. Hope that you can make a change in your own life to prevent tragedy, heartache, fear, pain. Yours or someone else’s. Hope that things will get better.

Time heals. Not all. But with time between us and tragedy also can grow new hope for the future. And right now I think Hope is what a lot of people need out there. Give yourselves a hug for me. And, do me a favor: don’t watch too much news for a while.

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