working, weather, and flicking people off

by humanmama on March 22, 2012

Just when I think being a stay-at-home mom totally blows, something comes along to make me love it again. Sort of.

You wouldn't want to miss this, wouldja? Well, sometimes kids, "yes..."

It’s been 80 degrees this week. Eighty. While I wouldn’t mind a stay in the mid-70s (being pregnant), it amazes me how warmth and sun can change people. Maybe that’s why people in LA are thought of as less intelligent–because of how happy they are. You always seem smarter when you’re snarky and bitter. Thank you, Midwest/North/East Coast. (That’s how I seem so smart.)

But the weather. I live on a busy street, and people are always beeping and yelling at each other. Unless it’s been winter, and it suddenly is 70 and 80 degrees for a couple of days. Then everyone’s “Go ahead!” and “Thanks, pal!” and windows down and thrilled to be alive. It’s such a change. It makes me think of moving South.

I think, though, that if the weather is always pretty nice, then people get used to it and go back to being their usual rude selves. For the most part. That’s why, come early summer, when the spring’s gone by, people are back to beeping and yelling and flicking each other off on my road. See? Too much of a good thing, and they’re all back to forgetting how bad things can be.

It’s just like staying at home. From about October to March, I miss working. I yearn for extra money, co-workers, just someplace to escape to. I long for people to listen to me because they care about what I’m saying instead of because they fear a time-out. Or not listening at all. I miss money, though, the most, since I remember well saying “It’s tight!” when we both worked full-time, and if I knew just how tight things could get when I quit my good job to stay at home, I would definitely never have complained. Actually I would have saved my salary for a couple of years. At least, I like to think I would have.

But then. March. April. May. The seasons change so rapidly that before you know it, it’s almost the end of school and you’re trying to plan what to do in the summer. And then I love staying at home. I love waking up to birds and sunshine, eating picnic lunches outside, the kids playing in the sandbox while I putter around the yard. I love being able to go to the children’s museum, or the zoo, no jackets or schedules required. I love being free.

And then October hits me again.

So now, for March, just ignore the rest of the year. Enjoy working, or not, and coming home in gorgeous weather. Enjoy driving around with the kids, windows down, laughing into the sun.

But, if you’re not enjoying it, please, don’t flick anyone off on my street. At least, not until October.

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