what did you say?

by humanmama on January 22, 2012

Things you want kids to say:

“I love you, Mama.” “I love my sister.”  “Dada’s the best dad.”

Things you don’t want your kids to say:

-Any swear word. At all. Probably at any age.

-“Oh my God.” Again, probably at any age. I sometimes hear kids say it while out, and it always makes me cringe. There’s definitely a time and place for older kids to say older kid things, but swearing and Oh my God should be things you say to your kids, hey, let’s not talk like that when others can hear us. Or, alternatively, “You will never say that in my presence or your iPod is MINE.” Or something like that.

-You never, never want to hear a toddler say “Uh OHHH” while you’re in another room. Toddlers have a very high tolerance for things being a mess, so if they think it’s bad, it’s probably really bad. Grab paper towels on your way and run.

-You never, never, never want to hear a sibling, say, ages 5 or 6, “we gotta hide this” to their co-sibling. Our bathroom is upstairs and so I’m privy to a lot of conversations like this. When I hear sibling conspiracy you had better believe my ears turn up like a Clydesdale and I’m on Orange alert.

Yep, just helpful advice. Oh, and, also? You probably don’t want to hear all that from your spouse either. But at least you can kick your partner onto the couch.

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Jessica January 23, 2012 at 8:55 am

Yes to all of these. Theo now says “uh oh” whenever he either drops something or wants something he can’t reach (right before he says “help”). But when we were flying back here from Michigan, he also said “uh oh” right after hearing any beep, like a flight attendant being called or the seatbelt sign lighting up. You definitely don’t want to hear “uh oh” that many times while flying for five hours! Every time it made my heart skip a beat!
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