travel plazas and family reunions

by humanmama on June 1, 2011

Just some random observations on traveling to go see the family this last weekend.

1 ) Some people, when going potty in public restrooms, squat over the seat so as not to get a terrible bum disease or something which would come from sitting directly on the toilet seat. People who squat over the toilet seat tend to dribble a little pee on the seat, trying not to get germs from other people who pee on the seat. So therefore the very people who are getting the toilet seat all germy and gross and peed-on are the same people who are most irritated at a germy toilet seat. Moral: Use the papers and wipe everything down at the end. Geez.

2 ) Wait to see if the flusher flushed. I hope those bathroom maintenance people get paid well into the six-figures.

3 ) Ohio has some amazing rest stops. Michigan? Not so much. Pennsylvania? Yikes.

4 ) Family is wonderful. Especially if you go days between seeing them. Maybe weeks.

5 ) Whenever you go within 100 miles of your grandmother, call her immediately. Unless you like the phrase “I thought I’d hear from you sooner.” You might still hear that phrase, but at least you’ll have called.

6 ) (This is a good one.) Your family are some of the very small number of people who like hearing your stories (“Guess what adorable thing Lilly said in the bathtub yesterday?!”). They’re also part of the minutia that might even ask for (or even more unlikely, take) your advice on parenting. But even still, keep the stories short and the advice minimal, lest your invitation to the reunion gets lost next year. (Note to my family members: I’m still working on this one.)

7 ) Clean up after yourself when you’re staying away from home. And your family. Actually, teach your family to clean up after themselves. (Is two too young?)And it’s a great idea to clean up a few things that weren’t yours, too, just in case someone should notice and find your invitation for next year that would have gotten lost had you not cleaned up.

8 ) When you’re away from your own house, chores, yardwork, bills, and life, just relax as best you can. The kids will get on a schedule eventually when you get back home. (*Still working on this one too.) And, if you have anyone at all who is related to you and safe, let them watch your kids while you nap. And then return the favor.

9 ) You should always send a thank-you note to the host when you get home. No matter how much they owed you.

10 ) Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.


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Jessica June 3, 2011 at 7:20 pm

All true. Number one should be posted inside every restroom.


leigh June 5, 2011 at 9:59 pm

So funny


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