top 10 things my children have mentioned about the new baby

by humanmama on July 2, 2012

Since my kids are now 6 (!) and 3 (!) years old, they are pretty intelligent. Just the average visit to Walmart would show you that they are at leaston par with many adults in observation skills and judgement. And they have been particularly adorable through the course of this pregnancy, although like me, now, they just want “baby brother to come OUT.”

last week carrying baby #1 (Google “Polyhydramnios”)

So here are some amazing things they’ve said since I’ve been noticeably pregnant these last few months.

10. ) When Baby Bwodder comes out, can he sleep in my bed? Not in ‘Lena’s bed [top bunk] so he won’t fall out? I will keep him in.

9. ) Can Baby Bwodder sleep in Cocoa’s bed? She is a good dog.

8. ) I think Baby Bwodder will eat donuts. And mommy milk.

7. ) Can I see your nickles? (That’s what 3 year-olds call nipples, I guess.)

6. ) (Again, from 3YO) “When Baby Bwodder gets here, he will be the BIG boy and I will be the baby.” (Um, well, no, I guess we have some work to do on the “who’s the baby” front…)

last week carrying baby #2 (still poly, not as bad!)

5. ) “I can babysit baby brother, mom,” leaving me thinking in my pregnancy haze, is six really too young to babysit?

4. ) “Where does the baby come out? Can I get him out?”

3. ) “I am going to be the first one to hold him, right?” [Yep! Right after Dr. #1, Dr. #2, Nurses, Dad, Mom, and other miscellaneous hospital staff… Almost enough staff to make you think home labor is where it’s at! But not quite.]

2. ) “If baby bwodder stays in your belly it will get HUGE HUGE HUGE and then we can all live there!” [Probably. I wouldn’t rule it out.]

1. ) Mommy, when you have the Baby Brother, will your belly [ominous glance towards my stomach] always look like that?

Oh, dear, honey. I hope not.


My neice and us, 12 days to go for #3!

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