third time’s the charm

by humanmama on March 21, 2013

Well, a lot of folks ask how I’m doing these days. They’re being nice, and it shows, but they’re not talking about the weather or our health. Nah, they’re asking me, pointedly, “How’re you doing, with an air of concern. It means with three kids…” and I know exactly what they’re thinking. people think I must be exhausted, or nuts. Maybe one, but two, and now three? I’ve done some complaining on the blog about how rough it is to stay home, so maybe they’re thinking I’m sitting at home, sipping cough syrup out of the bottle and planning my escape. Or maybe, maybe they just want to know what it’s like.

Three isn’t bad. THERE! I said it! It’s not bad. It’s busy, that’s for sure–it’s never a minute off until midnight and sometimes not even then, but it’s not too bad. It’s not like the first child times three, if that’s what you’re thinking, which would be just totally nuts (then you’d really be drinking the cough syrup). God must know that the human experience can only fit in that first-time-first-child just once or else there would be a major breakdown in nerve cell communication and we’d all just be shells of people, staring out into space, tilted cup of coffee drizzling onto the floor.

So three isn’t bad. And I’m sure it’s really the baby. Or me. Or us all. But the baby does help. He’s chill-as-can-be and when people say “Ah, yes, that’s a boy for you!” you just KNOW I bristle, because there are enough people out there blaming women for being high maintenance while the boys parade around in their boy-dom just completely oblivious. I don’t think it’s because he’s a boy (although there might be some sort of genetic reason), but we are much more laid back. The girls are around to help (“GET ME A DIAPER!! SOMEONE PLEASE!!”), and there’s just not as much time to give to a baby breakdown and often, more often than not, that means that the breakdowns just aren’t happening. He just sort-of hangs out over in the corner, at first being propped and then sitting up just seeming to say “Okay, it’s just me: let me know when you’ve got time and I’ll be here to smile at you! And coo! Anytime! Just come on over when you’re ready!”

It’s good. It’s the moment that all parents have babies for. Actually it’s not–it’s the moment they’re born, when you’re thinking I’m a parent! but you’re not really having any idea at all what that means. Then, unbeknownst to you, you wait for another 7 months until they can sit, independently, and just hang out, mouthing toys and gurgling, and then you think OH YEAH! Now I remember why I had this baby.

It’s already begun, though. The crawling. He just began last week and it’s progressing fast. I tried to knock his legs out from under him like I promised myself I would to delay his progress but he’s just so darn cute. I couldn’t do it. So slowly, we progress in the march for never letting mommy even have a moment of rest. But I should be used to that, of course.

I already did this twice.

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Holly April 1, 2013 at 10:21 pm

I am all about the knocking the legs out…. kids grow up too fast these days.


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