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by humanmama on July 12, 2011

Hello there,

In doing the research it’s taking me to go from “Mom who blogs” to “awesome superpower in the blogging world,” I’ve found some truly, truly amazing and creative blogs written by some amazing and creative people. I’d love to share some with you.

For readin’:

I love Amanda King’s blog Like the Last Mom on Earth since it speaks often to the intensities of children–how you love them, worship them, and are their slaves all at the same time. When I’m feeling particularly desperate or exhausted or wronged I can always go to Last Mom and get a breath of fresh air and some perspective. Also, she’s in Pittsburgh too! So cool.

Who doesn’t like to read all of the hair-raising happenings around Oklahoma? I guarantee if you have a second to check out The Pioneer Woman you won’t be sorry–she’s amazing, and is now a published author, and has some killer, killer recipes on there. (Her brother’s chicken tacos, for one.) Everything looks so good, that every time I am on her site, I think, “I need a new CAMERA!!”

Not fancy, but hilarious and sometimes a little (scary), Scary Mommy’s blog has about a billion Twitter followers and you can see why when you read. My particular favorite is a little letter to the first-time mother she wrote a while ago. Very true. (A little contrasty from TFB below.)

When I want to get all up in my natural childbirth/breasfeeding/non-disposable diaper/feminist/earth mother mindset (I love it! Although, keep in mind that I had two kids via c-section, and I don’t judge anyone for any way they get kids into this world…just do it the best you can and that’s when the real work begins) I check out what The Feminist Breeder has to say. You should check out her amazing at-home delivery of her daughter, natural childbirth and all, no drugs, after having her first as a c-section. Woah. Made me immediately want to get an epidural.

I know of another amazing, eye-opening, and extremely well-written blog that gets updated all the time. Julie’s This Red Life blog details her life in China as she pursues her Master’s Degree there. When I met her she was just another (albeit really cool) West Michigan kid, and now she is an amazing writer, accomplished teacher, and world-traveler. But read because you won’t believe what’s happening in China–not just because I said so.


For inspiration:

I am not a huge shopper. I don’t love jewelry (something more to lose, get tangled, get dirty, or have to keep track of), clothes would be nice especially if I fit into the size I want and have the money. But home stuff? Design stuff? Home improvement DIY stuff? Yes, I’ll sign up for your credit card, here’s my life savings. I love to look on The Lettered Cottage to see what amazing, adorable, beach-cottagey things they’re dreaming  up this time of year.

Altar’d is an amazing redo-furniture blog that has stuff for sale, but I couldn’t buy something I could dream about making myself, so I just go and look. And Dream.

Jones Design Company has some great, great, great ideas and neat crafts and stuff to do. Where the heck do these working people and parents find the time? I’m still putting dishes in the dishwasher while they’re making labels for their homemade raspberry jam.

TED is just about one of the coolest things going. Awesome, riveting, short, free (yes! FREE!) talks from amazing and inspirational speakers around the world. IF YOU HAVE THE TIME and are doing something mindless (organizing kitchen drawers, perhaps?) put one of their talks on and be wowed that you never heard of this before.


For Shoppin’:

Okay, I don’t love jewelry that is fancy. But I do love the “Grace” design by Starfish Jewelry Design and plan to get one someday, when I have two incomes and am DONE having children. Which will probably be soon.  (see right!)

Etsy. Have you seen Etsy? Because I still run into people who just don’t know about it. I mean, a million, billion things that are made by actual people and are affordable, unique, and oftentimes custom-made. It’s just the place to find anything from diaper bags to toys, hummingbird feeders to knitted items to ceramics. Buy yourself an awesome handmade mug and be the coolest parent at school drop-off in the fall! (Or a wall decal, or a hat, or mittens, or a notebook made from vintage flashcards, or…)

Like I said, I’m not a huge shopper :)

So read a little, and if you have a minute on the web, make sure it’s not all checking your bank balance. Enjoy!

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Julie July 12, 2011 at 9:57 pm

Hi AJ,
How about cool blogs from non-moms. Maybe a different target audience, but I’m pretty fond of my blog:
Love you,


Amanda July 13, 2011 at 5:59 pm

THANK YOU, mama! I feel honored to be included in this list of inspiring women! You are the best.


dad July 18, 2011 at 9:58 pm

Better’n better!

Look out world!!


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