things my kids say

by humanmama on December 29, 2013

These are things my kids say during the holidays:

*”What’s that guy’s name again?”
“Who, Jesus?”
“Nah, you know, the one who ‘ROSE from the DEAD’?”

*”Nana, you’re 88 years OLD?! Someone we know was 100.”
“Oh really? Wow”
“Yeah. And then he died. Because he was so old.”

* “Oh, I wish Santa wore underpants.”
This begs some explanation. My grandma has a really cute singing statue of Santa that slowly turns around during his song….aaand then drops trau. It’s pretty disturbing to me as an adult, but for kids?! Terrifying. As my children pressed the button waiting for Santa to “ho ho ho” something merry, they were instead greeted with a full Santa Moon. Even scarier, since they know that guy wants them to sit in his lap.

*”Mom, is it Christmas tomorrow?”

*”Lilly, do you need to go potty?”
“Nah, I just have a HUGE WEDGIE. IN THE FRONT.”
“Well, let’s maybe fix that in the bathroom, and not pick it out here in the grocery store.”

*”Mom? We’re, like, people that are saving the world.”
[I like to think so…] “Why do you say that, honey?”
“Because we’re always helping people. Like that guy who crashed his car, and then you got the police to help him.”
“Well, we want to show everyone love. That’s what we do in this family.”

And the coolest thing about having a family: I can tell them that and it will be true.IMG_2278



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