things I have been asked before 9am

by humanmama on February 20, 2014

These are the things I have been asked today. And it’s only 9am. This is not in order, just in order that I remember. I have a very short memory these days.

1) Can we have a picnic outside with a picnic basket?
2) Can you wipe my bum?
3) Can I have a cookie?
4) Why is this paper SOAKING WET?!
5) What are we having for breakfast?
6) Can we have cookies for breakfast?
7) Can you wipe my bum?
8) Why is my bum feeling so squishy?
9) Can we have burritos for breakfast?
10) Can you help me get on my pants?
11) Can we go to the Children’s museum today?
12) Can you wipe my bum?
13) Can I wear two pairs of underpants?
14) I want a babysitterrrrrr! Can you call somebody to come babysit us today?
15) When we grow up, will you be SO lonely here in the house by yourself?

Probably, dears. Probably.

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