The (second) day of the new year

by humanmama on January 2, 2012

This is what happened to me today.

Oh, wait. HAPPY NEW YEAAARRR!!! YAY! Hope your celebration was great!

Okay, back to me.

Today I had a doctor appointment. Everything seemed to go wrong from the beginning of the trip out there. I left late. But, there was absolutely no traffic! Yay! Because it was a holiday, it seems, for most people.

Like, say, the people at the hospital. The people who draw blood. Which I needed to get today. And apparently the people who have any idea at all what is going on at the hospital. I’m pretty sure the guy working the “information” desk was a homeless man who they dressed up with a name tag just to make it seem like someone was still employed today.

The door to the hallway where my doctor is was locked. No one knew anything about it. I waited until I was almost late and then finally it unlocked. I ran in. I got checked in. I got into a room. I saw the doctor walking in. Lovely, it was not the wonderful, kind, thoughtful doctor I had hoped. It was the condescending, patronizing doctor that I avoid at all costs.

At least someone was working today, I guess.

I left the hospital. Defeated. Feeling like later in the week I need to call and talk to my real doctor. And went home. Carpenter went to work. I got kids ready, Helena went back to school. I came home with Lilly.

I suddenly looked at the clock and realized my usual alarm didn’t go off: it was 3:23 pm. Helena gets out of school at 3:25. I grabbed Lilly. I grabbed shoes and coat. I ran to the van. I noticed that it had snowed an inch in the last hour. Lilly wanted to walk in it and screamed and kicked me all the way to the car, but we got in and made it to school in record time. I called everyone I could think of to say “grab Helena and wait for me” as they got their kids. No one brought their cell phone with them today.

oy, vey.

I parked on the “not really parking space” space and ran to the school. Helena was just walking out! PHEW! I was cold, I had no jacket, but we got her and yay! We walked back to the car. I noticed I wasn’t parked on the gravel. I started the car and backed out.

The wheels dug themselves 6 inches into the new snow and mud.

We walked home. I had no jacket. It was 28 degrees. I found one scarf and one glove in the car. Lilly had leggings and no gloves. Helena was luckily bundled up. We froze. The wind blew. We made it home. I got the kids’ wet, freezing gear off, and called AAA. They said it would be about an hour. I made the kids hot chocolate. 10 minutes later AAA called to say the driver was on his way. I got the kids bundled up again. I took them to the neighbors’ house. AAA called to say “where ARE YOU?” and I said, I’m running up the hill. I got to the van. The driver was irritable. I made jokes. He didn’t like jokes. He pulled my van out of the two giant, muddy ruts I had made spinning the tires. I said “Thanks! I owe you! Happy New Year!” He said, yeah. I drove to my neighbors to get the kids.

Carpenter came to the neighbors to get the kids too, so we hung out a while. I told the story of my day. Ha, ha, we all laughed. What a way to begin 2012! But it can only get better, is what this all means. We were happy to have good friends. We got the kids bundled for the last time. We put them into the van. We started the van.

Which wouldn’t start.

Because the battery was dead.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you have wonderful luck this year.

Because–well–someone’s got to.

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Carole Troutman January 2, 2012 at 10:09 pm

Love it! Sounds like some of the days I’ve had . . . fortunately, not recently. :)


Erin January 6, 2012 at 10:01 am

Oh my….thanks for making me laugh!


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