the hang of it

by humanmama on October 15, 2012

I’m getting the hang of it.

I have three kids now. Three. I was facebooking with an old friend of mine, someone from high school, who recently had her third, and my first thought when I heard she was pregnant with this one was she’s too young to have three kids! But then, I thought about it, and I’m sure someone from the class above me is thinking the same thing about me. How did it happen?! How on earth did I get three kids?

Oh, yeah, I remember now.

Anyway, baby is three months old now and, if you’ll excuse me for being so braggy, cute as a freakin’ button. He’s so sweet, and easygoing, and unaffected by my laid-backiness. Actually, maybe he is affected by that, and is picking up on my “Eh, he’s okay, let him cry and I’ll get to him in a second” attitude. He’s definitely already been through several things that I would have never done with the other two–namely being by himself for several minutes crying in a carseat, bouncer, or crib, crying, while I attend to something else first. And you know what? He almost always stops after a minute or two, like he’s saying “Okay, I’ll wait,” and when I get to him he’s happy as can be. Don’t worry, it’s not neglect, it’s just not freaking out whenever he cries. And it’s working.

Other things are falling into place, too. One hard thing with three kids is the timing–if I have to leave to get #1 from school at the same time #2 needs to take a huge poopie and #3 is needing to nurse, we have a bit of a situation on our hands. I’ve tackled this, mainly, by beginning to prepare insanely early for every event. That way if we have to be there by 4, I begin getting ready by 2:30, pretty much. Seriously. So when baby throws up on me, then on himself, then me again, Lilly needs a snack and a drink and to learn Chinese before we leave, well, I’m more than ready. And I’m almost never early, but I am on time. This does mean I spend, on average, seventeen hours a day just getting ready to do things, but at least we’re ready. It’s working.

Meals are hard. I like cooking, I love people enjoying what I make, but I hate cooking when I’m pregnant (something about always being hungry but never having anything appeal to me), and it always takes me a few months postpartum to get back in the swing of things. The other day I made chili, and it was pretty good. I used frozen corn, for a change, and didn’t put the meat in to make it vegetarian, and Helena couldn’t get enough of it. It’s always SCORE when your picky eaters eat bowl after bowl of something you make, but in this case she was particularly pleased.”Mom, this is so good,” she said. “Thank you! That means a lot to me,” I replied.

“Mom, what is IN this chili? It’s so good.”

“Well, Helena, mommy tries. I’m so glad you like it. I just put corn in it for a change, instead of meat.”

“No, mom, this is, like, so good.”

“Thanks, honey. Really, that makes mommy so happy.”

“Mom, you should, like, you should, like, …put this on Facebook.”

The Ultimate Complement. So I said, here, take a picture so I can put it on my blog. Give me a thumbs-up. And this was the picture. And if you overlook the bird that she’s flipping me, you’ll know that we’re happy. The chili was good. It’s working. And I think, yeah, I’m getting the hang of all of this.


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Dana October 15, 2012 at 10:24 pm

I am laughing so hard right now — love the Helena picture! Totally related to your cooking comments — I was the exact same way. Call me sometime…(I keep remembering our conversation — “I’ll call you back when…our kids are all out of diapers.)


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