the duck phenomenon

by humanmama on October 12, 2013

Sometimes, you just need a duck.

I’m telling you, people are flocking (pun intended) to Pittsburgh to see the duck. Have you seen it yet? It’s a 40-foot objet d’art that Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman designed to float along Pittsburgh’s rivers. It’s, in all reality, just a rubber ducky. But people LOVE IT.

Read a little of this article. People are going downtown every weekend! Many of my friends who’ve seen it say “Yeah, I’ve seen it.” Then they smile, and say “It’s pretty cool.”


I think people need a little duck in their lives. A little news to look forward to. A little bright, yellow spot in their lives. We’re tired of government shutdowns and jihad and war and anger, of road rage and hatred and unrest. We just want a rubber duck. A huge one. We just want some reason to visit downtown. We just want to band together. It’s amazing: it’s no national tragedy, but it is bonding people.

If a 40-foot duck made from tarps can make people feel this way, imagine how much YOU could do! You amazing and great person, with your skills and thoughts and human abilities. Imagine how far you could go! Imagine that your dreams are not about bathtubs but about lofty goals and aspirations! I bet  you could influence children, adults, the elderly, …everyone would want to band around you and your amazing positive ideas! So go out there, and do it. Go be happy, and do what you love.

“The time is now,” says humanmama.

“Quack!” says the duck.

So now, go. Go out and do good. Or, at least, go get some tarp. You’ve got a HUGE duck to make.


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Dana October 12, 2013 at 3:07 pm

Love this! And love that Benji is looking at the duck in the pic!


aj October 22, 2013 at 10:38 pm

Thank you!!!


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