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by humanmama on July 10, 2012

Tomorrow's the day!

Here I am, at the computer again, ready to write my final post before baby Boy comes into our lives. In a way it’s so exciting, and in another way we’ve stopped even thinking about anything else so long ago that we feel like he should have been here already. I asked the girls, “What is one thing you’d like to do before Baby Brother gets here?” and no one had an answer. It was like we’d all gotten our lists out of the way and were just patiently awaiting the elevator door opening up to our new life of five family members.

I think even the dog knows something is not normal around here. She keeps eying me like she knows something. She keeps barking to me. Granted, we’ve been busy: we’ve been doing all the necessary parent things–putting up pack-n-plays downstairs, cleaning the bathroom one more time, getting schedules ready for the other two kids. I have about five packages to mail and a hundred thank-you notes, some from Helena’s birthday a month ago, but I’m just hoping no one minds how absently I’m going through the motions. I can’t wait to hold the baby, but even more than that I can’t wait to hold the baby on the outside of my body, just to get him in the air so I can bend over again without feeling nauseated sounds dreamy.

Soon our lives will be different again, friends, and maybe so will yours too. Soon I’ll be holding a baby, but maybe you’re getting a new job, or married, maybe you just got laid off or are moving again. Something exciting or terrifying creeps into our lives on a daily basis, and I hope for you that there are more of the exciting and less of the rest. I’m excited to hold my son, although I tell ya, I could be a little terrified about having my uterus outside of my body again. But I have to leave that to fate, to God, and just dwell on the joy of the moment we meet our newest child.

Either that, or the joy of shaving my legs without feeling like I’m using a machete and just whacking away. That’ll be joyous, too.

Have a great week, and look tomorrow for photos of our new baby boy!



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Amanda July 10, 2012 at 3:50 pm

Oh mommy, I’m so excited for you. I got a little teary thinking about it.

I’m going to make you dinner next week. How about on Tuesday? Can you email me with your address and what you and your fam likes and hates to eat? I’ll just drop it off and run. I won’t even peek into your house! demandablue at hotmail

Sending good vibes your way for tomorrow! You finally get to meet him! You’re in the boy-moms club!
Amanda recently posted…A very big thing for a tiny girl – Happy 2nd birthday, LouiseMy Profile


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