the best valentine’s day gift

by humanmama on January 27, 2013

Well, since it’s almost February, and we’re almost all well (!), I was thinking about Valentine’s day.

What do you get for the people you love? It’s hard. Nowadays everyone pretty much has what they need (or more). And how many ways can chocolates or flowers say “I love you?” I guess that depends on how many gross centers there are in that box of chocolates. But then I remembered something amazing: Uncle Ian.

Well, he’s not your Uncle. He’s ours. But Ian White makes these incredible videos out of photos, or movie clips, or both, and let me tell you–they’re amazing. It’s so cool to see those photos that you stored (or your grandma stored, or your mom stored) in a video being WATCHED instead of put in the basement. And it’s a great gift–father’s day, mother’s day, Valentine’s day, and more.Wedding videos! You just had a baby! Even important times, like to memorialize a loved one or commemorate a special occasion. It’s something amazing that they’ll actually love. Just like they love you.

So, check him out. He’s amazing! And, if you tell him that you saw him here first (on humanmama), he says he’ll give you a 25% discount. YES! 25%!!

Do it. No one wants more flowers.


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