the best day

by humanmama on December 31, 2013

This is the best day of the year. I think it is, anyway. And here’s why: This is the day it’s all over. The mistakes. The problems. The issues. Tomorrow it’ll be 2014! A whole new year, and all that parenting-guilt about not being there last year will melt away into sweet, child-like understanding. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.

So, get it all in today! The guilt, the gross feeling of eating too much over the holidays, the family “stuff.” Look at yourself in the mirror long and hard, because today is the last day you’ll be what you don’t like. Often, I’d write about you accepting yourself for who you are. But NOT TODAY! Today you get to look at that person, that person who feels hate or misery or loathing towards your health or your organization or your schedule or your hair and you get to say “GOOD RIDDANCE SUCKER! I never want to see you again.”

Tomorrow, though, tomorrow you have to open your eyes, and rush over to the mirror, and stand there aghast at the new you. This is the new You that grew overnight in your bed, and  you’re greeting that You, fresh-faced and a little shyly, on this the first day of 2014! And if you be super, super good to that new, sweet baby, loveable you (the new You who’s turning over a new leaf/ working out more/ eating better/ organizing her house/ getting a new hairstyle/ organizing his closet/ listening to more music/ eating more veggies/ organizing her junk drawer/ talking about the really important things/ not letting her past get in the way/ etc.) I will let you be just a little mean, today, to the OLD you staring, maybe glaring into the mirror today.

This is the last day we’ll be together, you can snarl at that old you. Don’t. Come. Back.

But you can only be mad and mean (a little) to the old you if your promise to me with all your heart that you’ll be amazing to the new you, that person you’re going to wake up as on 1/1/2014. I’ll only let you say good riddance if you hold your new-year’s self, give him or her a huge [internal] hug, and say “Welcome! Welcome! I’m so happy to have you here!” And then let him or her unfold to you. Let your new year be everything it can be, and instead of being defeated by the little stumbling barriers, tell them too: oh, hello! You’re testing me! But, I’m still on my feet! Don’t avoid moving past them: just embrace them and move along. You can say to yourself “maybe this was not my best day, but that’s okay; TOMORROW is another day!” And grab that new You by the hand and run towards health. Mental health. Physical health. Home health. Health in relationships. Just a healthier, happier you!

Enjoy this, my friends. The last day of 2013. Goodbye, old Yous! [Yinzes?]

And, of course, happy New Year!

benji 2013

Pretend this is the sweet, new, baby you of 2014. And be NICE to it!


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