by humanmama on July 26, 2013

There are whole days I just barely get through.

I was hoping that would sound a little more positive. Let me start over. There are days as a parent that are fast and fun, and days that are challenging and slow, and then there are the neverending and insanely demanding days that make a fully sane person wish to run far away, screaming, into the sunset… And so you can truly imagine what those days do to the rest of us.

I don’t have a lot of days like that, but they come. Ad they might be the few days I don’t feel fully greatful and thankful most of the time. But even on those very hard days, at the very end, I am thankful.

I don’t always know why. It’s not always the same whom to whom I am thankful, either. But I am thankful. So thankful, and I believe it makes me a pretty happy person.

My husband, for being the awesomest. God, whatever that might be. My children for loving me despite my flaws. My parents for loving me because of my flaws. I’m thankful to the water, for giving us life, and to the air, for sustaining it. I’m thankful to friends who listen, and even for friends who don’t. I’m thankful for the tide and the moon and the rain, low and beating a tap dance into the earth to save the grass, the flowers. I’m thankful for the sun. I’m thankful to see one more day.

And I’ll tell you straight–even at my worst, on those cold, gray, eternal bad days that sometimes just sneak up on me, I’m still thankful for these folks. When the Carp says “you want more kids?!!?” I say, “It’s not for now. It’s for thirty five years from now.”

And I’m thankful, again.


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