thanks for the sick

by humanmama on November 14, 2012

They say you haven’t really lived until you’ve caught vomit in your hand. In that respect, oh, the life I have lived, this last week.

Helena had the croup. A nasty, barking, seal-like cough. I tried to enroll her in the circus to no avail: she still can’t balance a ball on her nose. Then Lilly began the downward trend: runny nose, congested voice, and tonight: cough. Cough, cough, cough. It’s still going on, even now, so I should go soon.

Amazingly, she’s sleeping through it. That’s the beauty of being three. I went in to comfort her, and she coughed super hard, threw up into my hand, and then rolled over, asleep. I tried to get her to drink something, holding the cup in my non-vomit hand, but she was still sound asleep and couldn’t be roused to drink. I began to feel drip-drip-drip on my lap and you know what it was? Yes, of course. My vomit hand was leaking onto my lap.


It actually gets a little worse: I ran I to the bathroom, washed it off, grabbed the Vic’s Vapo-Rub, and went back in to find her coughing again, sitting half-upright, and then she threw up right on me. I pulled her close so the throw-up would just get on me, not the sheets, not the pillows, and I think it did. It’s really dark in there so there’s no way to tell. But I think I got it all. Then, yes, I stripped down in the bathroom and changed into non-throwupy clothing.

Helena’s croup is over, the baby is juuuuust starting a runny nose, and Lilly is in the thick of it. Come to think of it, I feel sick, too. But if you come take care of me I won’t vomit in your hand: don’t worry. It’s just not as cute–at least, not as acceptable–when a grown-up does it.

Here’s to health: yours, and hopefully ours soon. Because if there’s one thing that will make you appreciate being well, it’s being sick. So actually this is a lesson in gratitude: being thankful for health.

But not, perhaps, as thankful for a hand full of vomit.

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