by humanmama on February 5, 2013

One thing that parents realize pretty quick is that there are certain things that are useful–nay, required–when you have kids that are getting bigger. Babies are one species of kid, yes, but as the kids get older they change into beings that require something more from you–not just food, drink, and peek-a-boo.

Boo-boos, nighttime rituals, sad times, exciting times–these are often big transitions for kids. So, parents quickly realize that talismans are required to help kids transition from one event to another. According to Webster, a talisman is:

1) an object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune
2) something producing apparently magical or miraculous effects
And this, my friend, is where rice bags come in. At least for our house–yours might be a “lovey,” a pillow, a col, damp rag… Any number of items can ease the movement from one safe, understood thing to the unknown.What are your talismans? We use, as I said, the rice bag, which for us is a cotton fabric tube filled with rice and sewn shut. I even put (get this, right?) some home-grown dried lavender in some of the bags. We make ’em all different sizes and they can be frozen (for boo-boos) or heated up in the microwave (for nighttime). And this, the rice bag, is a miracle around here. Someone falls? “GO GET THE RICE BAG!” we yell to a sibling. Afraid of the dark? “I’ll go warm up a rice bag for you to lay over your eyes.” Happy or sad, events that trigger the getting of the rice bag are numerous. It helps! And it gives the kids something to focus on other than the feelings of I’m hurt/I’m sad/I’m scared.

What are yours? What does your family use? We love new ideas…and new talismans. Or talismen. Taliswomen? Oh, I don’t know. Somebody get me a rice bag.


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