in two years

December 14, 2014

The past few weeks we have been living in a whirlwind of doing and finishing and wrapping up (and, since it’s Christmas, just plain wrapping). You might think that having your 4th kid is a little easier since you know what to expect, but there are just so many other loose ends to think about […]

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pregnancy and babies and one week left

December 7, 2014

Being 9 months pregnant is akin to being a giant human target. It’s so amusing (to me….now…this time around) what people feel comfortable saying when they discover you’re pregnant. Most people look at me and knowingly say “is this your first?” and I must admit, I take great delight in saying “No, my fourth,” which […]

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say whaaaat?!

July 23, 2014

Okay, I know. In my last post, I sorta just threw it in there. I’m pregnant again. Oops, I did it again. It’s not like we didn’t plan on eventually having more. Like maybe an “oops baby” when we were 45? Sounds fantastic. But what happened instead was that when I went to my annual physical […]

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but in the end? you get a baby.

April 24, 2013

I have a few friends who are pregnant. And they like me to talk about being pregnant, and having a baby, but since it is their first baby (so many first timers are pregnant right now!) they specifically asked me to be gentle, to do the one that ends like this: “But in the end? […]

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it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

July 23, 2012

I know I complained a lot, but there were a few things about being pregnant that didn’t totally suck. Wait, perhaps I should reword that in a more positive light. Anyway, I didn’t hate everything about being pregnant, and so I thought I’d make a list for the casual reader, just so you all know […]

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fool me once

July 20, 2012

It’s so sick that after the doctors delivered (“extracted”) baby #3, which was 9 days ago, my first and immediate thought after looking into his face was: “We could do this again, we could have one more.” I’m not ashamed to say it. Well, I am a little. You all know how much I do […]

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the “other” baby (a delivery story)

July 17, 2012

Well, the baby is here and he is wonderful. There are so many things you forget about having a newborn: how they smell, what their little faces look like when they’re stretching, those spooky gremlin-eyes that they make when they are actually asleep with their eyes open… So many things are forgotten in the wake […]

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mr. son, son, mr. golden son

July 14, 2012

SO sorry I had to delay…couldn’t get into the blog at the hospital and then was too tired and weak to do much. The c-section went okay–I lost a lot of blood this time, and just had a much harder time recovering my blood pressure. All in all, though, we got through it, we’re healthy, […]

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top 10 things my children have mentioned about the new baby

July 2, 2012

Since my kids are now 6 (!) and 3 (!) years old, they are pretty intelligent. Just the average visit to Walmart would show you that they are at leaston par with many adults in observation skills and judgement. And they have been particularly adorable through the course of this pregnancy, although like me, now, […]

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9 month update

June 25, 2012

Well, here you go! “What is it like being 9 months pregnant, AJ?” Thank you for asking. It’s heavy. That’s it, mostly. Just heavy, and unwieldy, and tiring. It’s knowing full well that I should appreciate this time but also not being able to appreciate the time at all since all I want to do […]

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