March 13, 2017

It was a crazy day over here! Maybe it was a case of the Mondays. Maybe it was the day-after-daylight-savings-time-effect. Maybe it was tired kids who went away with dad this weekend (2) or irritable kids who didn’t get to go away with dad this weekend (2). Whatever it was, today was difficult. In the […]

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I’ve got that joy, joy, joy, joy

November 13, 2013

In this sorta stressful and very busy time of year there are a lot of people who ask me “how do you stay so happy?” And I will answer them, of course, “non-prescription drugs.” But all joking aside, I am pretty happy. And here’s why: 1.) It’s in my nature. Some people are happier naturally […]

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choose happiness

January 9, 2013

Well, since Christmas I wrote two pieces about Helena and her horse. (This one, and this one.) The horse that she did not get for Christmas. This one: It sucked. I want to be positive about it, but seeing your kid anxiously check all the other, unopened boxes on Christmas and knowing what she’s looking […]

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new [school] year’s resolution

August 24, 2012

School is beginning again, and it reminds me of my school years. I was one of those kids, divorced parents, split home, a tad disheveled, waiting on the steps of the school for 45 minutes or more for the parent who was late. So, you can see how school always freaks me out a bit. […]

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protect and serve

August 16, 2011

Is it good that we protect our kids from so much? There are so many good things in parenting right now. Organic food. “Time outs” instead of spankings, or “whippings” of old. More talking, more discussion about the issues. When my parents were children, they didn’t really “discuss” things with their parents. Before that, children […]

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