strength in numbers

by humanmama on November 6, 2010

Moms of the world, UNITE! That reminds me of a Far Side comic from way back, that reads “Bad spellers of the world, UNTIE!” Get it?!

Anyway, I realize that life is just hard no matter which side of the mommy/parent/stay-at-home/work-away-and-then-come-home coins you’re on. I remember very well being the absolute best babysitter ever when I was in high school, and then in college. I would bring crafts and books and fun things to do–jus tthe absolute best babysitter ever. (Come to think of it, I wish I could find a babysitter like I was, actually.) But I can only imagine me babysitting kids now. Turn on the TV, break up any fights.That is the way of a true parent.

Juuust jokiiiing! We don’t watch TV here, of course. We read, or play, and then the children settle down for a nice 2-hour quiet, meditation/yoga/nap time while I re-group for the afternoon. Right? You too?!

It’s suddenly the holidays again and I feel the need to write and remind you all to stick together. Right after your meditating, give another mommy friend a call. I think the worst moments of my parental life are when I get a little lost in the crap, just a little too mired down in the “SHE HIT ME AGAIN!” to realize that it doesn’t actually matter who did it, it just matters that we all handle the situation with grace, dignity, and a little patience. Okay, at least a little patience.

So I am reminded to seek out other parents who I can talk to. I was having a bit of a difficult time with the preschool teachers this year, as they are very harsh and kind-of borderline mean at times to the kids–well, at least, dismissive, and I spoke with a whole bunch of parents at the open house last week. We all felt the same way, and it really made me remember to bounce ideas and concerns off of other parents. The same goes for less-important issues: things like, “I almost killed little _____ for breaking the arm of the couch off when she jumped from it for the millionth time” or “when they fought about who could draw which Star Wars characters, I just about lost it.” Ah, the sweet and benign concerns of children.

Anyway, the best thing that talking to other parents does it give you some tiny bit of sanity back, whether it’s because you get a little understanding, or just a good laugh from their problems (and if you think about it, pooping on the carpet would really be funny if it didn’t happen to you. Again.)

So this Holiday season, no matter if you stay at home or not, remember to rejoice in the council of other parents. If we stick together we’ll definitely come through this time of our lives with a modicum of sanity intact. (If we split up now, it’s no telling who those little monsters will get to first.)


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