by humanmama on January 12, 2012

This is the time of year I write,

“There’s a FIJI and we live in PITTSBURGH?!” I’ve also been known to lament, “Have you seen Key West? And we live in PITTSBURGH?!” It’s not that I don’t like the ‘Burgh, it’s that there are so many places to settle on the planet. And we live here.

I blame our parents. Who doesn’t?! I’m sure my kids will blame me someday. My parents lived in Detroit and then Detroit suburbs all their lives, and why shouldn’t they, when there is a Hawaii?! Obviously they didn’t look into a travel agent at an early age. I bet they blame their parents.

I love the “change of seasons” but this is a hard time of year. I always feel out of shape in the winter, and tired. It could be because I made a huge pancake (a Dutch Baby) for dinner and covered it with powdered sugar and had us all eat it up with grilled buttered apple slices…but I doubt it.

I think it’s the lack of sunlight. Or the lack of hope. For me, it’s the trees and the grass, baby. Whenever I ask the children what mommy loves about spring, they say “the flowers come then, mom!” but they really know it’s those trees and grass. When I see leaves and green grass, I know it’s the time of year I breathe easy and just enjoy. No cold feet and hands to put on Carpenter in the night. No 20 min. of putting on coats and hats and boots and gloves just for the kids to get into the car. It’s then that I know, it’s really summer.

Like my life, I know. It’s really the “summer” of life, right now. Or maybe better–maybe like the “March” or “April” of my life. Spring. Things are smelling new and green again. Things are growing. Possibilities await. Kids blossom. So much goodness awaits right around the corner, and even though fall and winter are coming it’s not for a long time.

Man, I hate when I have to ruin a perfectly good “complain about winter” session with reasoning and sentiment. Okay, I guess I’ll have to enjoy January for now.

Soon, it will be spring.

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Susan February 5, 2012 at 5:00 am

The blog is cool


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