by humanmama on October 24, 2011

ooh, we're being naughty together. Like we will for years to come.

I have a sister. Do you? You should.

Well, not all sisters are great sisters. Here are the three things you have to have to be a great sister, or to qualify yours as great:

1) totally will listen to you about anything, and is willing to be honest

2) does not judge you, even when she disagrees with you

3) remembers what she should and forgets what should be forgotten.

Actually there are a lot of other things that I could add. But those are the top three. I have a pretty great sister. We’ve been together since forever. We always liked to joke that we raised each other in the car on the car ride between our mom’s and dad’s houses. That’s not entirely true–that was actually where we had some killer fights–but we have been through a lot together. What makes us love each other, still, is that we’re always there for each other, know when to leave well enough alone, and really have a vested interest in letting the other one know if/when she is going crazy. “Time for therapy!” we like to say. And we’re usually right.

I have two daughters, as you know, and it’s really good. It’s great. I hope all people have siblings that they love, or that at least they are cool with. It’s very good to know that someone in this world really knows you, the real you, and still tolerates being around you. In fact, still almost enjoys being around you. That is–someone besides your partner/spouse. That person is supposed to know the real you and love you. Your siblings have a choice–they can move waaay out of state.

I might even say there are things about me that Carpenter doesn’t know that my sister does. I’d have to think long and hard, but I bet they’re out there.

I read The Pioneer Woman’s Top 10 blogging tips, and the first tip for blogging is:

Be yourself.

Write in your own voice.
Write as if you’re talking to your sister.
Unless you don’t get along with your sister.
Or don’t have a sister.

I think heads of state and kings and queens  and dignitaries and all important people need a good spouse and a sister. One to say “way to go!” And one to say “Hm. You sure?” That’s what my sister does for me–depending on the issue, and the day. And I was able to give my girls one great gift–a sister. So one day when they’re putting me into the nursing home, they can have each other to roll their eyes to. And to cry to.

Now, go call your sister. Unless you don’t get along with your sister. Or don’t have a sister.

I love my sister.

Under here we can hide ANYTHING from mom.

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Emily October 25, 2011 at 1:16 pm

Sisters are the best!


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