simple times, simple minds

by humanmama on January 23, 2012

WOO HOO! Yipee! Hurah! I have my desktop computer back.

Now, you amazing technological geeks out there, you go ahead and make do with your fancy smartphones and iPads. You can go crazy with that stuff. I just want to point out that while I am smart enough to grasp the concepts of new hardware and media, I am still old fashioned enough to like my keyboard, my desktop monitor, my DOS. Just kidding about the DOS.

Do I have a “cellular phone” mounted in my car, and to take it out of the car do I need a battery pack that I have to wear like a vietnam-era soldier?

think I'm due for an upgrade? Nah.


I’ve definitely been feeling a little old-ladyish lately. And maybe it’s being pregnant again–I swear, I’m aging before my very eyes. I’m sure Carpenter went to bed with a 30-something woman the other month and woke up next to a craggy old lady, bitter and ornery. All I feel like doing lately is laying on the couch and dozing off. It’s not like me. Also I can’t remember a damn thing. If someone calls me 5 minutes before school to say “please pick up my kid,” I say “okay!” and find myself wandering away from the school, my two kids in hand, wondering what I’m forgetting, only to run back and collect the confused guest-child waiting in the school office.


Being pregnant might be why I’m going old-school, all desktop and dial-up. But I think it’s more. Maybe having 3 kids (potentially) is making me cling unnaturally to the times when life was simpler. I had a dream this week that I was living in an apartment with Carpenter, we were first married, and I woke up early, and then I turned over in bed and went back to sleep. Because there was no children, then. Maybe I am secretly longing for simpler times.

Or, maybe this is simpler times. I know I’m feeling simple, these days. Oh, and, just kidding about the dial up. Come on, we’re not living in the stone ages.


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