shouldn’t all days be mother’s day?

by humanmama on May 9, 2011

How was your mother’s day? Or are you more of a “father’s day” kind of guy? Anyway, I hope it was wonderful. Mine was!

The kids began the day the night before, when Helena said “Mom, we didn’t get you annnnything for Mother’s day. So just staaaay in your bed allll morning because we didn’t get you anything. And also you can throw our your wheelbarrow!” (She pronounces it wheedel-barrel.) So I figured: gardening stuff is hiding for me somewhere. I love gardening, it makes me feel like I still have some control somewhere.

Mother’s day morning Helena came upstairs with a mug full of water, threw open the door, and said “Happy Mother’s Day, mom! Here’s some fresh water.” Thank goodness it’s fresh, I’m sure I replied. Then she said “Now, LOOK OUT THE WINDOW!” and Ben yelled “NONONONONONO!” from downstairs. “Maybe Dad should let me know when it’s time to look,” I said to Helena. Dad came up with a plate of fruit Helena helped him cut up, and some yogurt, and coffee, and they told me to relax and they’d let me know when it was time to come downstairs. Lilly was screaming “MAMAMAMA” by then so I got her and the girls and I laid in bed luxuriously eating fruit and watching the DIY network on TV.

Helena cutting fruit for mama

The girls got tired of me after about 2 minutes so I hung out while they “helped” dad, and then they called me down for a “real” breakfast of cinnamon french toast, baked egg casserole, and more fruit. And bacon. Mmm.

The reasons for celebrating

We hiked with the dog at the park, then came home and worked on the yard the rest of the day. OH! And I almost forgot the new garden cart to replace my “old wheedel-barrel.” And a beautiful card, with HELE on one line and NA on the other, and some scribbles for Lillian. And THAT’S what I call a good day.

new wheedel-barrel

This brings me to a point: I don’t think mother’s day should be a once-per-year thing. I think it should be every other month. Don’t worry, dads, I think yours should be bimonthly too. Okay, maybe quarterly. But seriously, shouldn’t we have a few more days per year when it’s all about appreciating the things parents do? Because we do a lot. Last week Helena was in the van and I asked her to buckle herself in. She replied “WHY do I always have to do EVERYTHING?” And I smiled. And laughed. And said “Don’t worry, honey. You don’t.”

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to us, the people who do have to do, well, everything. Hope it was great!

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Jess May 9, 2011 at 3:39 pm

I struggle some with Mother’s Day. My struggle is with guilt. I’ll be honest with ya…I love my family, truly I do…but every year when Mom’s Day rolls around, I want nothing…um, let’s make that “not much”…to do with them! I want the day for ME; however, that feeling comes with mountain-loads of guilt….that “GASP! What a horrible mother!” kind of feeling. However, it doesn’t last long. I’ve learned that taking those moments for me in the end makes me a much better mom. It fills up the reserves…the energy reserves, patience reserves, tolerance for bodily fluid reserves, etc. So all that being said, I slept in until 9 (ahhhhhh), worked on making family space in the yard, patio, and porch, showered for 15 whole minutes (another ahhhhhhh), went out to dinner, and then spent the evening at Walmart doing my grocery shopping without once having to look for a pacifier. But I guess my real point of sharing all this is to point out that behind a good and happy mom is a WONDERFUL dad. I think we both got extremely lucky on that front :) Happy Mother’s Day to you!


aj May 10, 2011 at 1:44 pm

I agree!


Chuck Cameron May 10, 2011 at 4:11 pm

Amazing. True.
Reminds me of 2 little girls helping their dad do something special for Their mom- several years ago.


Kathie May 12, 2011 at 10:25 pm



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