by humanmama on November 11, 2011

Christmas is coming up. And it reminds me of shopping. And I haaaate shopping. I always hated clothes shopping because I never like how things look on me. But I guess I never liked shopping, for one thing, because that’s what a girl is “supposed” to love. And I love to turn a stereotype upside-down! But I hate shopping.

It gets me so stressed out that I buy too much, too little, or the totally wrong thing. For example, here is my list of things I should never have bought:

That huge, entire set of generic tupperware. What was I thinking?! Okay, I was thinking “I’m eighteen! I am going into the world! What will prepare me for the adventures that lay ahead? What will steel me for adulthood?!” And the answer, my friend, was tupperware. I’m afraid I wasn’t much of a rebel.

A Schwinn bike when I turned 10. I asked everyone for money, and I bought a bike. But it was a purple Schwinn, super light and slim. A racing bike. (p.s. It was only like $150–why are they like $900 now?!) The man at the store said, “these mountain bikes are really getting popular,” and I thought yeah right, dude. By the way, mountain bikes? Still popular. Now that I’m an adult I’d like the Schwinn back, but still, at the time it wasn’t the best choice, as all my friends raced by me on the grass beside the road and I fell down if I hit anything bigger than a piece of gravel.

Those blue shorts. I didn’t wear shorts for like 2 years. And when I finally made my foray into the world of short pants? I bought blue. Periwinkle blue. Which, by the way, only goes with a white shirt. And I was working with kids. So white: dirty. Blue: a statement. Not a statement I’d like to make now.

On the trend of the clothes, I bought Z. Cavariccis in middle school. One: they were brown, not black. If you didn’t have this for a trend, be glad. But, in my middle school, they were super expensive horrible pleated-front, skinny ankle, black pants that boys and girls wore. Until I bought them. It was a year after they were popular, and they were brown. “Um, are those Z. Cavariccis?” said Tina, also in the 8th grade. “Um, no, ” I said, in the same tone of voice you would have said “uh, DUH!” But they were.

Anything for the children. Ever. Seriously, they are pelted with grandparent and auntie and uncle and cousin toys on a regular basis, which is fantastic, but does leave me wondering why I still spend the money when I clearly don’t have to. (BECAUSE I LOVE THEM! Right?) I can’t believe “Santa” hasn’t just re-packed toys from last year that the kids haven’t really played with. Wait–that’s an idea!

So shopping and me…we don’t get along. Especially during this season. But what I do like to do is go to the mall playground with the kids, and sit there, and listen to the music, and watch the insanity unfold. It’s entertaining. And it’s (kind of) beautiful. So enjoy it, if you can. But please–don’t ask me to shop.


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Rebecca Cooper November 18, 2011 at 8:26 pm

I totally agree!!


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