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by humanmama on January 21, 2016

When I first began this blog there wasn’t much in the way of mama-blogs. Not a lot of photography blogs. Blogging was just a thing, or just beginning to be a thing, and it took off (I think) because it’s like Facebook and Twitter and all those other “social media” things: blogging is a place for ME to write what I need to get off my chest, and feel like SOMEONE is listening.

Most of the time.

And one more thing: I feel like someone is listening because not too many people listen around here. I’m always yelling. My friend is a speech pathologist and she says “you need to find a way for your kids to listen without yelling, like a bell or something,” because I’m always losing my voice. She’s totally right, but I have this sort-of hilarious picture in my mind of me ringing bells church-style, louder and deeper, maybe wearing those white gloves. And the kids still fighting or playing or not coming to the table or NOT DOING THEIR HOMEWORK and me just RIIIINNNGIIIING….

Anyway, blogs about having kids are just that. And this is a LOT about me having kids. And me dealing with kids. So I hope it doesn’t offend anyone when I say “HAVING KIDS IS HARD,” because, frankly I don’t really care if I offend you. It’s SO hard and I don’t get heard a lot in the daytime, so I use this as a place like all people use the internet–to spread my festering ill-will. NO! HAH! Just joking. I use this blog to be heard. And it’s so, so nice when you hear me.

I hope I can be that for you. I’ve started to try to respond back to all the comments I get because I want you to know YOU are being Heard, and that I care so much that you are here. Pretty much half of all mom-blogs are “Enjoy every single moment of this incredible life while I Pinterest these adorable crafts me and my six homeschooled children made and OF COURSE I HAVE THE TIME for my house to be perfect too.” The other half are “I swear! I curse, can you believe it? And I still have kids and it’s awesome and I’m so irreverent and you’ll never believe what I did!” But this one is riiiight in the middle. I wish I could make more stuff, but sometimes we do. I wish I could write more often, or actually I wish I could PUBLISH what I’ve written in my mind more often, as I’m constantly writing funny things in my head that just die out as I exhaust myself just parenting all these kids and living every day. I know I’m supposed to cherish every minute, but hell!, half the time I’m just barely falling asleep when it’s time to get up again, and often hardly making it through the day without overeating and over-caffeinating.

Anyway. I’m here for you. I’m still here for you. I’m appreciating you and hopefully (I really hope), you’re reading this and getting a little something out of it too. It’s the least (and the most) that I can do for my friends. Someday I’ll be really, really together again. At least I think I will? But in the meantime, (Ring ring).

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