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by humanmama on September 7, 2012

The best thing about being editor-in-chief is when I go back and read something and it still makes me laugh. And I wrote it. And then I can give myself a raise. This was from last year and it was just a horrible, and yet so wonderful, experience. Enjoy.

you need a blog

You need a blog. I’m serious. You do. You need a place to write what happened to you, at least, daily or weekly. Maybe a journal. But a blog is really helpful, because a lot of people can see it.

Why is that helpful, you ask? Well, let me tell you about our Labor Day Weekend:

“Honey, why is that cop looking at us like that?” I casually asked Carpenter as we cruised down the road towards our campground. We were about halfway there, had gotten a late start, and would be setting up our tent close to dark. But we were happy, thinking that at last (!) we’d get a place to just relax for a few days before our annual family reunion. The girls were happy, a DVD played in the van, and we were getting away.

But that nagging feeling that something wasn’t right still hung in the air. People were starting to look at us strangely, queerly, really staring as we passed. It was then that I noticed the smoke coming from our wheel wells.

“Um, I think the brakes are on fire,” we said simultaneously. We were kind of joking because Ben had just replaced the brake pads and rotors two days before. So, no problemo, right? He had done it a million times before. We pulled over and checked. Yes, they were smoking, and the rotors were blue. The wheel wells were scorching hot, and the inside of the engine compartment was blistering too–even the battery casing was burning to the touch. “We’ll stop and call a hotel,” I said, “and deal with this in the morning.” The sun was setting and we needed a place to stay.

I called the local hotels, and of course, they’d been booked for Labor Day weekend for two months. Carpenter knew of a closer campground, and we called, and YES!! They could fit us in, for one night. We drove 5 miles at a time, stopping to let the engine cool, and finally got to the campground late. We set up in the dark. The kids were way overtired. We foolishly fed them s’mores and sent them to bed. Lilly spent the better part of three hours yelling and dancing and running around the tent until we put her in the car–but we couldn’t drive it! The brakes were on fire! So she screamed herself to sleep, and when she was finally out at 3am, I stumbled back with her into the tent, where Carpenter let us in. She slept until seven.

The next day was Carpenter’s birthday, and we switched cars (his parents brought our truck and rode back with the tow truck) and went on our way. I thought we should turn around, but Carpenter said he still wanted to camp! It was his birthday–we camped.

We got to the final campground, and had a wonderful time. The beach was closed because they inexplicably had drained the lake of 7 feet of water to work on the docks (on Labor Day Weekend??!??). The lake was 50 feet of festering mud and then green, algae water. Raccoons got into our bags and ate the bread. Lilly may have pooped in the nearby pool when we visited, looking for fun things to do. But throughout the weekend, you know what I thought?

I thought: this is going to make a great blog post.

So, you need a blog. Really–you do. A place to put all the bad stuff, so it seems funny and life-lessony. Instead of what it really is: your brakes are on fire and raccoons are eating your food.

Happy Labor Day!

“What’s after the bread course?”

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