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by humanmama on May 31, 2013

Just such a good one from a couple years ago: this was before I had three kids, so imagine what they are doing to me now…. I know you’ll love this. This is one of the several reasons I will be completely nuts by the time I’m 60, kids. But I still love you!


I’m going crazy. And I know why. Kids, if you are 30 years old and wondering why I went totally nuts, please refer back to this posting to see where it all began.

Tonight I put Lilly to bed and Helena “helped.” So when Lilly was all washed up and ready to go to bed, Helena said goodnight to Lilly, and closed the door and went downstairs.

Only, she didn’t say “good night, Lills” and close the door.

She said “Lilly, good night, I love you,” and I said “thank you, Helena, please shut the door.” And she said “Okay, love ya, Lills,” and I said “good night, Helena.” And Lilly said “Good night, Helena,” and Helena said “Good night Lills. Mom, I need to kiss and hug Lills again,” and she came back into the room to hug and kiss Lilly again.

Lilly hugged her back and said “Love you, ‘Lanes,” and Helena said “Love ya too, Lills,” and said to me, “Mommy? I need to go get Lilly a stuffed aminal.” I said, “Oh, well, okay, that’s really nice of you Helena, just a small one please” and she went into her room and came back with just a small puppy.

Then Helena said “I need to give her her Pillow Pet, she needs that to sleep,” and went into Lilly’s toy box to get the Pillow Pet that Helena got her for Christmas (which she has never used). Lilly said “thanks, Helena,” and gave Helena another hug and kiss. Helena went to the door, and said “Good night Lilly,” and Lilly said “good night, Helanes,” and Helena shut the door.

Most of the way.

Then she opened the door again and said “Lilly, I hope you get a good rest and I will wake you up tomorrow with a special surprise!!” And Lilly said “Okay, Helena.” Helena came over to the rocking chair where we were sitting again and said “Lilly, do you want me to wake you up in the morning, sweetie piesies?” And Lilly said “yes, Helena, you wake-a me up.” (Apparently Lilly is a little bit Italian.)

Helena said “Okay, Lills, I’ll wake you up with a special surprise in the morning!” And Lilly said “Okay, Helena, good night,” and Helena said “good night, Lilly.”

Then I said “Helena, please close the door and go downstairs.” And Helena said “Okay, mom, but I have to wake up Lills in the morning.” And I said, “Okay, honey, that’s fine.” And Helena said “Good night, Lilly beansie,” and Lilly said “good night, Helanes,” and I said “good night, Helena” and she said “good night, Mommy.” And she closed the door.

Most of the way.

And I said “Helena, please close the door,” and she said “Okay, Mommy. Good night, Lilly, I love you,” and Lilly said “Good night, Helena, I loves you.”

And she closed the door.

So, since I can’t be mad at that 27 minute stalling of Lilly’s nighttime because it was so cute, what will I do? I’ll just go completely nuts, probably.

Kids: know that although I was desperately trying to get you two to bed this night, it was still amazingly cute.

Love, your once-sane mother.

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