reasons my son is crying

by humanmama on March 25, 2014

At nineteen months, there are more than enough reasons for a kid to cry. Teething. Growing pains. Inability to communicate one’s true feelings or thoughts. But in the great and hilarious tradition of the blog, which you really must check out if you haven’t (especially if you have a kid or have ever had a kid who has been 18-20 months old), I’m going to clue you in on just some of the reasons my son is crying. Every day. All the time. Don’t worry, it’s just a phase. (siiiighh)


“I am crying…” because my dad is trying to take off my bike helmet.


“I am crying…” because my dad put my bike helmet back on.


“I am crying…” because I don’t like this pancake.”


…or this one.


because my mom took my shoes off.


…because my mom is still looking at me.


…because my mom said it’s lunchtime. AGAIN.


…because my mom still lives here.

Eh, but don’t let him fool ya. He still loves me. And someday, like 35 years from now, he’ll probably be able to tell me so.

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