by humanmama on October 7, 2011

Hey there, my readers and friends,

it’s been a quiet week over here. It’s not like I haven’t been inspired to write–it’s just a quiet week. Sometimes we–even me–need a little quiet amidst the stormy late-fall back-to-schooltime to just focus on getting into a schedule. And not getting sick.

Things here at my house are good. It’s absolutely gorgeous outside. My kids are healthy. My sister had a baby (!) and now I’m just eagerly counting down the months until I can do that auntie-take-him-and-get-him-all-sugared-up thing, and then send him right back to mama. It’s really amazing to see her with him. I keep saying in a conspiratorially hushed voice  “Um, you have a baby.” And she keeps saying, “I know, right??!?!” It shocks me, and her, and her husband, and it just even may shock that baby, to be in the world. I mean, if I floated around in a warm water sensory-deprivation pool for over 9 months with every need met on demand, I’d be shocked when that gig was over, you betcha.

new nephew, dear one

I just keep having to regroup myself (and maybe you too?) at this time of year. This is October, and this is the time of year where the weeks and months just fly by, and before you know it Christmas will be over and we’ll be putting decorations away. So I keep having to remind myself what is great in my life, and focus on that, and take the rest one thing at a time. The $500 bill for getting the car fixed? Well, my kids are fantastic. The Christmas shopping? Hey–did I tell ya I’m an auntie?! It’s good to remember what’s great about your life any time, but this time of year it’s really, really important.

Sit down sometime this weekend and make a list of 10 quick things you’re absolutely over-the-moon grateful for. It can be anything–the weather, children laughing, Bob Marley, mittens–anything. But really, make a list of 10 things (it will only take a sec). Keep it in your black hole of a wallet or purse. And then every time you’re feeling really, really crazy and stressed, take it out and just take a quick peek. “Oh yeah,” you’ll say to yourself. “Oh yeah.”

And have a second of quiet to be thankful. Believe me, it’ll help.

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