by humanmama on September 12, 2011

Well, since I put it on here (see pink box at right), and since I blab about it on email and facebook, you might know that I’ve been nominated for Best All Around Mom’s Blog on Parents Magazine’s Best Blog Awards. So exciting!! I’m not at 30,000 readers per month, but I’m working on it!

What can you do? Please vote for me by clicking the link in the pink box, or you can click here.

If you vote, I might not have to sleep in a tent!

You can also help me get my word around by asking your mom, sister, aunt, baby-daddy, and others to vote too! I’m not one to usually ask for superfluous help, but this would be something really great for my bloggie, and you, my loyal readers. Think about all the free giveaways and fun stuff you might be winning if I was famous!

This blog is just a little part of me. I write honestly with you, and not just about Little Helena’s first day of school but also about my heart and soul and tough questions and things you might laugh at. Hopefully, things you might laugh at. So please, if you like humanmama, give it a vote!

(If you go to Best All Around Mom Blog and look through the two-hundred-plus blogs in that category, I’m on page 7 right now–pretty good, considering there’s 31 pages of entries!)

Thanks again for your support–without you I’d be nothing more than one in a billion other blogs out there. And in return, I promise not to judge you. I might make fun of you, but I won’t judge.


I'm strong, but I still need your help!




Note: I’m pretty sure you have to register on’s website to vote, so you can’t vote again. AARGH! So difficult…but so appreciated. Thanks again for your vote!!

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