oh my goss.

by humanmama on December 2, 2011

“OH my GOSS!” Lilly says this all the time and I always, always laugh. I try to be serious, “Oh your gosh, what?” and she said “OHmygoonesh, OHmygoss!” and then tells me something amazing. Like a knock knock joke.

That’s when I think, “I like staying home.”

But there are times that I think, “I don’t like staying home.” Like when they’re both screaming about something that happened that is so totally benign and frivolous that you can actually see children from poor, impoverished countries swimming before your eyes, pleased just to be alive and playing with a rock, or perhaps an empty can, and not fighting with their siblings over anything at all. I think of children whose legs were lost and doctors could not save them but they run on prosthetics anyway. I think of children who used their “Make A Wish Foundation” wish to give someone else something great. And then I bitterly say to my warring children who are usually screaming about a train track missing or a stuffed animal that they both want “work it out yourselves,” and I go downstairs and make some tea, or do laundry. Anything to get my mind away from here.

It comes and goes. Last night I was telling the kids that the days will continue to get darker and shorter until the Winter Solstice coming up, the “darkest” day of the year. And Lilly in her 2-year-old-marbles-in-my-mouth voice said:

anything, as long as you're not fighting.


And that same day, Helena walked over to me (I guess I should say “moseyed on over”) and said “Hm. It’s cold in these parts.”

And I loved them again. But it may not last. We’ll see.

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Jess December 3, 2011 at 8:02 am

I had one of those moments yesterday. Phoebe (20-ish months) has entered that oh-so-wonderful phase of hating her car seat. The first car seat fight was cute…it was fascinating to see how much she could contort her body to escape the straps…but the subsequent car rides have filled me with dread. Anyways, we were walking to the car yesterday, already my exhausted eyes fighting away the tears of frustration that I know are coming, when a dog walks by. Pheebs says, all smiles, “Howdy do, puppy?” The joy from that little comment was enough to get me through the 5-minute car seat battle and size 8 boot to the face. :)


aj December 3, 2011 at 7:53 pm

ooh, boots to the face. So hard. So hurty. I hear ya!


Cynthia Williams December 20, 2011 at 6:50 am

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