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by humanmama on September 18, 2013

I was just having one of those “oh, crap!” days, today, again, and I wanted to share. But it’s not the kind of oh, crap day that you’re thinking.image

You’re probably thinking it’s one of those “I got to ballet class 10 minutes early and Lilly’s hair was in a bun and everything! But then I realized ballet class was on Tuesday, not Monday! And then I got her to school and got the baby all ready and myself all ready and went to the gym! Finally! But when I got there they said their children’s room was closed!” Haha, no! Gotcha. That was yesterday. (Really.)

No, today’s oh-crap kind of day was because of this: it’s fall. The baby can walk. The girls can buckle themselves into the car and/or into their jackets. It’s a gorgeous-for-sleeping-55-degrees at night and a balmy and breezy 72-degrees during the afternoon. Everyone’s happy. It’s the beginning of school so no one can be behind, yet. (We even went to a baseball game this weekend, a night game, and watched the fireworks. And the kids were fantastic.) Let's go Buccos

All the parents are still walking the kids to school, unlike the last month or two when all you see is kids, running, from all directions, towards the school, some parents disheveled, hanging out of cars or running behind, swinging a lunch bag. No, now the parents are dressed up a little, even, or at least not wearing actual pajamas. There are no rollers. Only like 5% of the kids have forgotten their lunches or their projects. It’s a heady time.

Halloween is coming: a holiday born out of remembrance but now merely symbolizing dress-up and candy. Ahhh (happy sigh). And then THANKSgiving, which is one of my favorites. Brown and orange and turkey and desserts, and maybe a fire in the fireplace? And TV? (Let’s go Lions.)

And, speaking of candy and turkey, the kids are just edible right now. 7 and 4 and 1 are some damn fine, fun ages. The 4-YO is hilarious. The 7-YO is helpful. And the baby just makes you realize how fun babies are when you’re not SO worried ALL THE TIME about your first one. We’re all like “he has the legos? Hm. Well, tell him to spit them out.” (Really. It’s kind of like that). He’s learning words, cute ones like “GO!’ and “CO-CO” for the dog (whose name is Cocoa, get it?), and also “BURRRP” that sounds like “BURRR” that he yells at the table (thanks, sisters). We obviously don’t go out to dinner a lot.

No, no horrible tragedy or complaining about staying at home/working today. Today’s “Oh, crap” moment was just this: “Oh, crap. I know they’re right. The old ladies are right. I shouldn’t wish this time away. It’s already going too quickly.”


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Ann Craig September 18, 2013 at 9:57 am

Been meaning to look at your blog for ages and now am so enjoying reading it! I feel like you are reading my mind and putting all my jumbled thoughts into cool and interesting and very honest words. From the ups and the downs,the frustrations and joys, as a mom to three I get it! Thank you for making me realize I am not completely crazy.


aj October 22, 2013 at 10:37 pm

You’re not crazy!! Thanks for reading. We’re in this together.


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