by humanmama on July 20, 2011

You might call it a pacifier...Well, I’ve written about the Nukkies many times before, but it’s coming around again. The time to get rid of the pacifier.

Why do I want to get rid of it? Mostly, I just don’t want to go search for it at night, in the dark, under Lilly’s bed. She actually will yelll “MA! I DROPPED MY NUKKIE” in the middle of the night now, like a 45-year-old who still lives with her parents. “MA!”

But there are other reasons. Somebody once said it might ruin their teeth when they have the pacifier a little too long. Some people say that it takes away from a child’s natural learn-to-sooth process and then the kid can’t fall asleep by themselves. (My oldest might be a good example of this.) But basically, when it all comes down to it, all good things must come to an end, and the pacifier/nuk/paki/nu-nu/pipe/plug/whatever-you-call-it it one of those good things. Sorry, kid, welcome to the real world.

(I would say that to Lilly in a Mafioso voice, if I were to say it. Which I won’t, because it really sounds a little mean.)

It’s amazing how two kids raised by the exact same parents are so different. I don’t think she’ll mind so much. In fact, I put her down for nap and for night last night without it, but I did give it to her in the middle of the night when I was deliriously trying to get her back to sleep after a rare night-waking.  “MA!” For Helena, it was pretty much a horrible thing to get rid of, for us and for her, and it was truly something to be mourned. For Lills? Maybe a few questions, “Where my nukkie go?” and then straight on to the acceptance stage of grief.

Kids are so resiliant. It’s just us parents that need the coaching, the “it’s going to be okay.”  Which is funny. But one day when they’re parents they’ll get to know the other side. And, as long as we have taken the Nuk from them before then, hopefully, they’ll know how to cope on their own.



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Christine July 21, 2011 at 1:47 pm

We just took the binkie away from Alex, and boy was I worried. He only used it at nap/bedtime, but he always had one in his hand and one in his mouth… I came up with a plan. We were getting a big swingset delivered in a few days, and someone told me to use the binkie fairy, and bring a present. Well, I couldn’t think of a big/important enough present, until I thought of the swingset. So we prepped Alex that the binkie fairy was going to take away the binkies and leave the swingset. A few tears at naps, but overall a lot smoother than I thought. So parents, take the plunge, your kids might just surprise you! Good Luck with Lilly and let me know how it goes! Miss ya!


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