new year’s lesson

by humanmama on January 2, 2016

Happy New Year! It’s been a thrill ride so far. When my old self would have been drinking champagne with her friends, my mom-self was cleaning 5 people’s throw up off of things.

Well, actually that could’ve happened in my “old self” days. But this was because of the stomach flu, so.

Yes! That’s right. This family rang in the new year by all feeling crappy and weird and going to bed early, only to be up the next day, January 1, 2016, while one…. no two… three… five of us caught the plague that would be the diarrhea/throw up disease of 2016. You’re welcome.

During the hair-holding of 1/1/16, I said to my daughter “this is going to be a great year,” and she said “it’s already ruined [bletch].” I replied “no! If you start off with the worst day ever, it’s only going to get better from here, right? [bletch]” Yeah, it was a real teachable moment.

Leave it to me to throw a lesson in there, on top of throwing up. Leave it to me to think how lucky we all are, to have friends and loved ones and shelter and food, while 3/4 of my kids are using 3/4 of our largest bowls. Leave it to me to think of the actual tragedies in the world–in my own friends’ lives, and think “this isn’t the worst day! Happy New Year! [bletch].”

My kids are going to hate me when they’re teenagers. Alas, for now, they’re too busy asking for clean blankets and ginger ale. Hah! I’ve got ’em, for a few more years at least.

Happy New Years, friends.


Happy New Year: “bf” (before flu)

kids and I sometime dark-early, 3-deep bathroom floor (yes that’s green and black tile #pittsburgh1950s )

Aunt Katy took the baby today (thank you!!!), Aunt Bethani dropped off soup (thank you!!!), Mimi and Grammy dropped off assorted gatorades and ginger ales and snacks (thank you so much!). Baby happy to be back, though…

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