navy or navy: a tale of two outfits

by humanmama on April 1, 2013

I’m used to dressing my kids. I’ve been doing it for almost seven years. And, you know me, I rail against any implication that my kids are easier/harder, better/worse, sweeter/rougher or any other stereotype just because of gender. I’d challenge you to look at my girls, when you say I’d better be careful because now I have a boy and they’re so much rougher, because my girls are over in the backyard. Throwing your boys to the ground.

But there is a difference in gender. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. It’s the clothes.

I’m pretty sure girls clothing is designed by a team in Milan, a team in New York, maybe an LA team and one from Paris. And, one team consisting entirely of gay men. Consultants everywhere are teeming with ideas, colors, patterns, fabric swatches. Girls are fashionable. Girls are gorgeous. Girls are well dressed.

 (See the little gumball machine on the orange shirt? And the adorable penguin dress (tights are matching, there were also hair bows)? And the Easter clothes for girls–don’t even get me started. And I’m not even that into fashion.)

I’m also fairly sure that there’s a team designing for boys, too. A team of men. Maybe like 5 men who have their MBAs or maybe were in sports marketing, but the market’s not really that great right now? So I work in kids’ fashion? Designing boys’ clothes? It’s just a temporary thing, they’re telling their friends, until I find a real job. These dudes are full of ideas. Six ideas. Maybe seven. And here’s a sampling.

First, there’s about five colors to boys clothes. But the first, and the last, and the most often seen? You guessed it.

Then, there’s the sports. Lots of sports. Mostly football.

But some baseball too. (Mostly football here, maybe, home of the Steelers)

And don’t forget the alternative sports like BMX biking and skateboarding.


Pirates and deep sea fishing trophies (and yes, I might have made a sword out of tinfoil to better illustrate my point):

What did the surf shorts say to the surf shirt?

And, hmm, what else do boys like? Oh yeah!

In this short list I have not included firetruck-themed clothes or clothes with dogs on them. I’ll save that for when I have several more hours to kill. In the meantime, I hear the dryer buzzing–time to go fold another load of navy-colored football shirts.


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Kylie April 3, 2013 at 5:37 pm

If I had been drinking milk just then, it would have come out my nose…

I will say this: the saving grace of little boy’s fashion is the shoes. Those little Nikes and the slip on skater shoes just kill me. I’ll save my love of hats for your next post.
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