my bad back (“my good husband.”)

by humanmama on April 10, 2011

The other day I thought I was going to lose my mind, and I thought my back was going to go out. And I wasn’t sure I could handle both.

When I got in the van (yes) the other afternoon, I felt like the family Butler. Like someone paid to be unseen and unheard but without her, the family would be ruined. Only, as the family Butler, I remain unpaid (except that I do get to use Ben’s money, and the fact that “what’s mine is yours” and all that). The children were whining, and we had hosted a playdate so there were 2 additional children over that day (so double the whining, the asking for juice, the “I don’t like this kind of macaroni and cheese…”). I got the children in the van, and buckled them up using the technique that you may be aware of for an almost-2-year-old which involves slowly and carefully bending her legs so as not to break them as she screams and arches her back, since she does not want to sit in her seat but rather in the driver’s seat. I knew Ben wouldn’t be home for hours. I knew it was me against them.

My back twinged as I got in–a sharp pain in the lower back which means “hey, you’re stressed, slow down before I go out.” “Not again,” I thought. My back has been bad for years but back and neck pain are always worst when I’m stressed. The twinge got sharper. I was tired. So tired. I was at my wit’s end.

We did some errands, dropped other kids off, stopped by a drive-through for chicken nuggets for sustenance, and drove home. As I pulled in the driveway my hubby (who had just arrived home early) put down his tools and lunchbox, opened the van door, and pulled the girls out. I sighed. I breathed. I relaxed. It’s not often that you get saved, but this was one of those times. My mental health returned in a rush of air, and I smiled.

And when I got out of the van, I noticed my sunglasses. That I was sitting on. They were poking me. Right in the back.

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