memorable Memorial day

by humanmama on May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial day, and I hope it was a great weekend!

We went up to Michigan to be with my family. It was absolutely great, as great as it can be with one two-year-old, one (almost) two-year-old, one (almost) five year old, their 4 parents, an aunt who is pregnant and her hubby, two grandparents, some cousins, a great-uncle, and a partridge in a pear tree. Everyone living under one roof, the kids off-schedule, the grandparents running around like mad, and just mass chaos. You wouldn’t believe it, but we alll had a fabulous time. Even though Lilly got the stomach flu and was barfing all the way home.

I keep telling myself (during those times where I am catching throw-up in my hands and whispering for Carpenter at 3am and trying not to wake the household of other sleeping people and also Big Sister who is sleeping 6 feet away from aforementioned Barfing Little Sister) the thing that I wrote in 2006 when I first started this little blog. And that stroke of brilliance is just this:

Whenever you have babies, and little kids, two-year-olds and insane not-napping 4-year-olds…whenever you are just absolutely exhausted and your body isn’t the same and your mind isn’t the same and you really can’t remember when you had a decent night’s sleep or a shower or a finished thought in your head…whenever you think your family is absolutely crazy and absolutely know that you are crazy and are totally amazed that you even had kids because that’s just one more person who will know it when you totally lose it and roll their eyes at you in the nursing home…

Whenever you are trying not to fight about money with your spouse, and hurting because your little one just skinned his knees, or you’re yelling “HON-EYYY, where’s the BABY??!” in a very not kind or sexy voice to your spouse who is equally annoyed at you for leaving the car windows open during a thunderstorm…

Whenever you’re just up-to-here with dishes, or laundry, or the bills, or just not having a minute to go take a pee by yourself…

…think about this: every little old lady from here to Timbuktu wants to be you, with those adorable little children, just smack in the middle of the best time of your life.


Happy Memorial Day. I hope it was memorable! (The GOOD kind. Possibly with no barfing.)

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Kathie May 30, 2011 at 9:27 pm

thanks, i couldn’t have said it better!


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