by humanmama on April 27, 2011

It’s hard to be married.

Seriously, I think my whole life I dreamed of having someone–that special someone, not to be too Disney about it–to share my life with. And every guy I dated, which is really hard for me to admit since I was also super independent, I’d look into my future and try to picture my life with him. What it would be like to marry them, have a family, be together forever. Obviously most of those guys I didn’t marry.

When I met “the one,” I (this sounds cliche’, get ready) I actually knew he was the One. I went around in delirium for a long time because I was so sure, skipping meals, laying in bed awake all hours of the night, possibly writing my first name with his last name…. You name it.

But being a wife 8 years has sure taught me a lot. One, opposites attract but opposites make it really, really hard to live together sometimes. That goes without saying. Two, just because you’re meant to be together doesn’t mean you always want to be together. And three, people are different. Really different. And no matter how many things you may share, you still don’t share a brain. You’ve thought “if only he/she thought more like I do about this subject…” about your significant other. But there’s that great saying, if you’re both exactly alike, then one of you is unnecessary.

Obviously I had a fight this week I can’t get out of my mind, but the real truth of marriage is this (get a pen): You’re two different people. You won’t always agree. The gorgeous thing is that you can still choose to love and support each other. To respect each other, especially when you’re apart. And to get back together in the sack after a terrible fight. Seriously: why fight if you can’t make up?

Now, get to work.

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Bonnie April 28, 2011 at 8:48 pm

How very, very wise and true,


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