love you to death

by humanmama on February 22, 2013

Family. It’s good. Well, it can be. It can also be rough. Think of all those gorgeous children you’re having, all those little adorable babies blinking at you with their beautiful, heavily-lashed eyes. Now think of them all grown up, Thanksgiving-time, yelling at you, and their kids, and the dog, and the cat, watching TV, their spouses, drama…. Oy. It’s enough to overdose on tryptophan. And maybe wine.

It’s easy to love a newborn. If you have given birth at a hospital, you know well the videos they make you watch. Don’t ever shake your baby! they warn, and who would, anyway?! That’s what you think until you get home, and months go by, and you haven’t slept, and perhaps you have two or three more… I always thought after I already had kids at home why don’t they show a “don’t shake your older kids” video?

Kids, too, have a love/hate relationship with family. It’s human nature, I suppose, to love and also despise the people in your family. They can’t leave you. They’ll always love you. So, you can act however you want, really, and they still have to stay related to you.

Poor third child. No matter what, he’s always going to be the youngest of three (haha, I know what you’re thinking and no, not planning any more). And the only boy. And the “BABY.” In fact, I don’t think the girls have called him hardly anything in 7 months except for “baby brother,” except that they really pronnounce it “baby brudder.” Pretty sure he’ll be about 35 before he’s not known as baby brudder in this house.

If you look close, you can see it. The sisters say “we love you to death!” but I’m pretty sure what he’s thinking is mostly about the to death part.

Ahhh, family. Poor guy.




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