just kidding, Father Christmas!

by humanmama on December 22, 2011

Of course I am too old to believe in Santa! I mean, I actually am Santa, for heaven’s sake, so of course I don’t believe that there’s someone who comes to my house to give the children toys. If that were the case, I’d be a lot richer, I’ll tell ya that.

But there are times I’m wondering if someone’s watching me when I’m sleeping. Or when I’m awake. And knows if I’ve been bad or good. Like, for example, when I’m running out of my house and my glove falls on the floor and as I bend down to get it I see that it landed like this (true story!):


And then last night, when Lillian and I were making crafts, and she put together her christmas house ornament, and she made two. I did a double take: one was in the “good” neighborhood, and obviously, one was in a “sketchy” neighborhood:

bars on the windows! I mean, really.

These are the times when I think: it’s karmaic. It’s coming back to me. See? The universe can only take so much jesting before it starts to poke back. And I’m getting mine…

But it’s okay. You know I can take it. Merry Christmas!



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Jessica@Team Rasler December 24, 2011 at 9:44 am

Oh, the glove. Priceless!
Have a merry Christmas!
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