january is self-awareness month

by humanmama on January 9, 2014

Hi friends! I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from my last post about being stronger, not “thinner,” for a New Year’s resolution. Several of you sent me links to articles that were amazing, about loving ourselves as we are, or being kind, or accepting others. Thanks for sharing all of that goodness–it’s so great to be reminded about the goodness, sometimes.

(And sometimes? Badness. That we can overcome.)

So I have decided in my extremely finite wisdom that January shall henceforth be called self-awareness month. And we shall (as moms, as dads, as women, as men, as adults, as teenagers, as human beings) be kinder to ourselves by the end of this month. So help me.

Actually, I can’t make you nicer or kinder to yourself. You have to do all the work, friend. But I can simply inspire you here and there with words of encouragement. Someone wrote on my humanmama facebook page about how she tries not to call herself “fat” in front of the kids.


Don’t do it. Read this for inspiration. Kids think of you as beautiful and perfect–actually, no–kids think of you as yourself. And JUST FINE. So whatever you put out there, that is what it is. I learned this some years ago at a business conference where the speaker mentioned that if you say things like “I’m such a scatterbrain!” people will actually begin to think of you as a scatterbrain. If you say “I’m sorry my house is always a mess,” people begin to think of you as The Woman of the Messy House. It’s all in your mind–until, that is, you put it into someone else’s mind. I have about a million things I could work on in my mind right now–perhaps you do too. Let’s start putting it out there that we’re beautiful. Read this: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/amanda-king/telling-daughters-i-am-beautiful_b_2166212.html

(p.s. I KNOW her!!!)

So for me–for us–let’s begin to think of this month as Self-Awareness Month. Let’s be aware of what we say and do. Let’s try to be more aware of what we put into our bodies and what comes out–in words, in attitude, in poop, whatever. You’re worth more than you think. So, maybe, let’s begin to think we’re worth more. And if we say it, it will be so.

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