it’s not you, it’s me

by humanmama on August 6, 2012

From the title you might think I am breaking up with you, dear reader,or that I’m (God forbid) ending the blog, but no! that’s not it! I am merely trying to explain why I’ve been so absent these past days.

Okay, okay. You got me. I’ve met someone else.

He’s balding, really. And drools, and hardly ever talks except to scream at me. He’s short, and his skin is just terrible. He’s no Casanova but he does like to keep me up at night, if you know what I mean… He’s definitely a ladies man, too, as long as that Lady is me. Yes, yes, I’m terribly sorry but I have temporarily replaced you all with… My newborn baby.

He’s pretty sweet. I love him. But here’s the thing: I’m afraid our relationship is a little one sided. Because, friends, where I have pretty much given up attempts of a life (house a mess, yard overrun with weeds, piles of thank-you notes unwritten), he just goes right on with whatever he’s doing with little to no regard to my life at all (the nerve!).

Like all relationships, I assume this one will simmer down a bit in the upcoming months and I will once again be able to focus, sleep, eat normally, and blog like a champion while also attending to his needs, as well as the other needs of my little troop of munchkins, but for now, you might have to forgive me. Just know that soon, yes soon I think, I’ll be returning to…normal. At least, the new normal. For us.


Thanks for understanding!


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Momma ronni August 7, 2012 at 4:15 pm

I don’t see how anyone will complain as long as you include such precious Pictures when you do post :). Congrats.


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