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by humanmama on October 25, 2011

kids are awesome. I love how they talk.

“Why are you so cute,” I asked Lilly, and she replies in her 2-year-old lisp, “I dunno I gottoutta my bed and I watch TVDVDs.” TVDVD is how she says “television,” so what she was saying in response to “why are you so cute” was: “I escaped from nap! And now I’m watching TV! And you still think I’m cute! HAHA! Lilly: 3. Mom: 0.”

Something like that.

Helena is amazingly funny, too. But she’s “big girl” cute now, at age 5, and is always trying to figure out the world. She says things like “Why do baby boys have small penises?” (We have a boy cousin now.) And I have to think of something clever that will satisfy her but not be too gross, like “well, a big one wouldn’t fit in a diaper.” Or maybe that is gross. Hmm.

Kids have this really amazing brain processing that takes things we take for granted, things we dismiss as “the way the world works,” and asks “well, why?” And that’s good for adults to remember. Sometimes it gives me pause, but mostly it gives me a new insight on the world.

Gives me pause:
[Holding up a tampon] “Is this for putting in your bum?”

Gives me new insight:
“I love you right up to God, Mom.”


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Cassie October 25, 2011 at 5:56 pm

I love it. Kids are SUCH a blessing and teach so much!


Mrs Dzo October 26, 2011 at 8:53 am

Wow…I’m sort of dreading when The Bean begins her question asking. I will most likely blurt out the exact inappropriate answer 9 times out of 10.

Love you right up to God? Heart melter.


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