in sickness and in health

by humanmama on January 26, 2013

Hello from sick-central! Those annual flu shots that I always forgo (oh, there are so many strains/we’ve never had it yet!) are coming back to haunt me, big time. Big daughter has been home for three days throwing up with a 102+-degree fever, and now GUESS WHAT?! preschool called yesterday to say “Um, come get middle daughter, she fell asleep.” If you’re like me, you know that if your kids are asleep during the day, it means something is terribly wrong. Yes, there are those children of legend who take naps until the age of three, four, five, but my kids? They’re sick if they sleep. Definitely sick.

So fast-forward to yesterday and it was throw-up, clean-up, lay panting on sofa, writhe, whimper, throw-up for about 6 hours. Both girls. I thank the good lord above that the baby didn’t get it, and then…this evening I noticed he’s a little warm too. Oh, great.

These are the times that you think why did we have three children, again? Because although they are SO WONDERFUL and I wouldn’t trade them for anything, it’s so hard when they’re sick. If you take how you’re feeling when you’re sick and multiply that by a thousand and then by the number of children you have, and then subtract any rest for yourself, yeah, that’s about what you have when your kids are sick. awful for them, awful for you, and–heck–even the dog is feeling the pain around here.

Last night Carpenter was on the floor (makeshift floor-bed for Helena who sleeps on the top bunk, which I did not want to risk because throwup + top bunk = horrible mistake) and I was lying in Lilly’s bed with her. It was, oh I don’t know, 2am, and they had both awakened because they had to go potty/felt terrible/were burning up with fever. As Carp and Helena slept, Lilly who had just been sick again was in her a nonstop-talking mood. So, her normal self. It reminded me of once, in college, when I lived in Philadelphia. I never really drank much, but this time I got drunk and threw up (not my finest moment, no). And my friends said “You never stopped talking. Even when you were throwing up.” And so, in moments like last night, I am repaid tenfold.

Anyway, laying in bed at 2am, desperately trying to sleep. 3 and 1/2 year old says things like this, in a whisper, which is for the three-year-old as a soft yell is to an adult:

“Mom, can I have some candy?”
“No. You are sick.”
“No. I mean when I am better in the morning, can I have a chocolate?”
“Um, sure.”
“Okay! Good.”

“Mom? Boys can be beautiful. Mostly girls are just beautiful but Benji and Dad are beautiful and they’re boys so boys can be beautiful.”

And, finally,
“Mom, we don’t say bad words in this house. We don’t say stupid and poop and pee because those are not good words. We say good words in this house.”
“Shh. Yes. Like ‘I love you.'”
“YES! And guess what? I love you too!”

Okay, okay. I guess I’ll keep them. In sickness and in health. But god help me, when I’m sick next week will you babysit? Because by then I promise they’ll be well.

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brenda January 27, 2013 at 7:42 am

Oh, bless all their little hearts!! I do hope you are all feeling better very soon!
Love to all,


aj January 30, 2013 at 9:00 pm

Thank you thank you thank you!! A bit better…day by day.


Niki January 27, 2013 at 1:35 pm

If it makes you feel better, the strain of virus that causes vomiting isn’t influenza, it’s most likely a strain of norovirus which you don’t get a vaccine for. Also, I gave my kid a flu Mist and he got sicker than I’ve ever seen in my life 3 days after getting it, he almost had to get hospitalized. It is supposedly that he just caught a bad upper respiratory infection while at the doctors, but I think it’s also possible that the “localized reaction” from his nose, was just wicked.

I think we’re just in the midst of a ton of stomach and upper respiratory strains flying about in a maelstrom. I’m the only one in my household who has been able to stay moderately healthy.


aj January 30, 2013 at 9:00 pm

It did make me feel better! But we got tested and had Influenza A too. What luck, right?! STAY healthy!! You need to, right? Otherwise who’ll take care of everyone else?! :)


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