if I had a day…

by humanmama on March 10, 2012

If I had a day, this month, where I didn’t have kids. Where they were away all day and into the next and I didn’t worry about them at all, I would rest. I’ve been sick lately, just a cold probably but cutting my legs out from under me like no other cold has, ever. People say all the time “Well, you’re pregnant,” meaning that even if I was well I’d be feeling worn out, and if I’m sick and pregnant of course I’d be feeling terrible. But it hasn’t been like that, it’s been like I got asthma and bronchitis and the plague and maybe a case of that exhaustion that Greg Wiggle, the Yellow Wiggle, got that made him retire and hand his Yellow shirt over to Sam, the new Yellow Wiggle.

I don’t know what it is. I did finally go to the doctor today, who said it’s probably a sinus infection now. But I hate going to the doctor so much that I would rather them say “you have a rare case of curable cancer, thank God you came in time” than “you have a cold.” Something about that former statement seems to justify the copay, to me.

Of course I don’t want cancer. But that’s how much I hate going to the doctor.

So if I had a day, I might just waste it and lay around on the couch all day, watching TV and drifting off to sleep here and there. Making tea and definitely ordering delivery food, all day long. I’d use one of those services where they bring you whatever you want, not just a restaurant, but even if you wanted a McDonald’s hamburger they’ll bring it to you. But I wouldn’t get fast food. Just good food from wherever I want. Lots of fruit, and Thai food, and maybe nachos. And lemonade. And ice cream. Or maybe banana Slurpees.

If I had just one day to myself, that’s what I think I’d be doing. But I know me pretty well. And after about an hour I’d probably feel a little guilty and miss the kids, somewhat, or the activity, and I’d probably call to check in on them. Then (I know) I’d get out my long to-do list of the things that need to be finished before baby BOY arrives over here, and maybe start a few. I’d take the dog for the (long overdue) walk that she’s supposed to have every day and then when we were out I’d stop to get a coffee for myself, and maybe some muffins for the girls when they get back to me.

I’d probably color them a banner saying “WELCOME HOME” and “MOMMY LOVES LILLY AND HELENA” and put it up in their room. I’d surely clean up, all day, every little thing I’ve been meaning to clean up, like vacuuming the ceiling fan blades with all their dust, and those other gross tasks you only think of when you’re lying in bed after a long day and looking around. I’d prime their room, since Helena and I painted a big, brown tree on her wall with purple flowers, and I’d repaint their room a neutral color with the BIG pink and purple and blue and yellow stripe around it that I promised them. I’d go grocery shopping for more tea but I’d get tons of fruit and make a huge fruit salad for them when they get home, with those little yogurts that we don’t usually buy because of the packaging waste but that are delicious at Trader Joe’s. And then I’d be so tired I’d take a shower and I’d go to bed.

So basically, if I had my own day it would probably be spent preparing to get my kids again. Which is, as you might have guessed, how it goes around here.

And I can’t say I’d really prefer it any other way, actually.

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Christine March 14, 2012 at 3:16 pm

You remind me of the If u give a mouse a cookie books! Lol! Love you and hope to see you soon. I need to take notes on how to be a mom to 2!! Xoxo Christine


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