hot sauce

by humanmama on August 31, 2011

I get so annoyed sometimes. The kids drive me crazy. They hit each other, they yell at nothing, they put their hands covered in chilli right on my shirt. They don’t want to go to bed, even the “good sleeper” any more, and they pour water from their sippy cups all over their stuffed animals because “we’re washing them, mom!” AAAARRRGH, sometimes they drive me crazy.

But then I see “hot sauce mom” on TV, the one in Alaska who put hot sauce in her son’s mouth when he lied to her, and made him take ice cold showers when he was bad.

I hear them whining so often, bothering each other, hitting each other. But then there are mornings like this when they play quietly together for forty five minutes. And part of me is writing this, but part of me is just listening, enjoying this time. And storing up patience for when I feel like throttling them, or putting hot sauce in their mouths.

Never right; sometimes tempting

I think there is something mean inside us all. Something evil, if you want to say that. Something that gets off at being bigger. At causing pain. And often (most of us) we can move past that spot into reason. But there are times (and for some people, there are lots and lots of these times) that we can’t move on, or that it takes everything in our being to move on and we really want to react, react like they are reacting, just hit, or bite, or get the hot sauce.

When I watched that mom I knew that everyone, including me, was thinking “WHAT A SICK PERSON!” But deep down I also knew that beast was taking over. That monster that tells you don’t stand up for her as that girl from your middle school class gets mercilessly bullied. Or don’t do anything when some kids torture an animal. That monster that says bad things to so many people, like hurt him or rape her or c’mon, now, you have a gun, use it. And that’s the monster we’re always battling against as parents; as people. The one that lets us react, instead of thinking of a better solution. Instead of getting help. Instead of taking time to think.

Oh, I gotta go. I just heard “SHE BITED ME.” I think it’s time to teach the kids about the monster.


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